CBD For Dogs

While research into using CBD oil for dogs is in it’s infancy, with just a small portion of treatable ailments clinically tested, there have been no known negative side effects with dogs who are taking CBD. If you have a dog that is taking prescribed medicine, you should always keep an eye on your dog to make sure there are no negative interaction between your dog’s current medication and the CBD oil products.

Even though there are few clinical studies completed, there is a staggering amount of anecdotal evidence from dog owners who have tried CBD for their dog and swear by it based on the positive results they are seeing with their dogs.

Dogs with Anxiety and Depression

Some dogs get skittish and scared when they have to go for a car ride or visit the vet. Adopted and Rescue dogs in particular may also have post-traumatic stress issues. In either of these cases with gentle dosing using CBD Oil, owners often notice their dogs are much happier

Dogs with Pain & Swelling

CBD Oil is an effective and natural anti-inflammatory that is safe for daily use with your furry friend. You can micro-dose CBD throughout the day, or use in that moment of need to keep your doggo comfortable

Dogs with Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

One of the most common ailments in large dogs as they age, hip and elbow joints are nudged out of place because of growth abnormalities or simply normal wear and tear. CBD Oil has been shown to help alleviate the inflammation and pain that comes with hip and elbow dysplasia.

Dogs with Arthritis

When the cartilage in your pup’s joints breaks down, it causes pain as the joints rub together. In cases like this, CBD Oil used in conjunction with a healthy weight management plan, can improve your dog’s quality of life and reduce and manage their pain.

Dogs with Hypothyroidism

Large dog breeds can develop a condition where the thyroid gland stops producing enough hormones that are needed to maintain a healthy metabolism. This condition often results in a dog who is lethargic, losing hair, is gaining weight and more. CBD Oil has been shown to help improve the physical symptoms while making your pup happier and more energetic.

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