CBD Dosage Guide

One of the biggest differences between traditional pharmaceutical products and CBD products when it comes to treating oneself, is when it comes to quality CBD products, it is almost impossible to overdose. This means that for most people you can experiment with different amounts of CBD until you find your optimal CBD dosage – without fear of harmful side effects.

Body Weight Mild Pain Medium Pain Severe Pain
100 lbs10-20 mg21-49 mg50-60 mg
120 lbs12-24 mg25-59 mg60-72 mg
140 lbs14-28 mg29-69 mg70-84 mg
160 lbs16-32 mg33-79 mg80-96 mg
180 lbs18-36 mg37-89 mg90-108 mg
200 lbs20-40 mg41-99 mg100-120 mg
240 lbs24-48 mg49-119 mg120-144 mg
260 lbs26-52 mg53-129 mg130-156 mg

Note: this dosage guide is for informative purposes and should not be considered a substitute to talking with your doctor. We encourage you to talk to your doctor as they can often provide additional information and guidance.

CBD Delivery Methods

CBD or cannabinoids can be delivered via a variety of methods, the easiest and most effective being CBD Oil. A CBD Tincture allows you to place drops of the CBD Oil under your tongue where it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream. This sublingual delivery bypasses your lungs and your digestive system which can minimize the healing effects of the CBD. Both these systems in your body can filter out large amounts of any medicine you are trying to get into your bloodstream, however the digestive system, and the liver especially, is incredibly efficient and diluting the chemicals that are passing through it.

When CBD oil is absorbed sublingually under your tongue where the blood vessels are close to the brain, the CBD won’t pass through the liver or lungs allowing it to retain its full potency. This is the recommended ingestion method for those looking to achieve optimal results with CBD.

Other popular methods of CBD consumption are CBD Capsules or Gel Caps. Those who are looking for a tastier method can try CBD Gummies, CBD Tea or CBD Honey. Those who are looking for fast-acting relief from pain, stress and anxiety should consider CBD Topicals.

Side Effects of CBD

When taking CBD there are minimal side effects that you need to worry about. It’s not like taking one of those medications you see on TV where they have a long list of potential side effects. The most common side effect of CBD is dry mouth. Other reported side effects of cannabidiol include light headedness and drowsiness.

If you are taking medication for other issues, especially serious ones, you should always talk with your doctor about whether CBD is right for your particular condition.

Can you overdose on CBD?

In a nutshell, no aren’t going to die from an overdose of CBD. If you take more than the recommended dose you may get sleepy, or if your stomach is sensitive you may find yourself with an upset stomach or diarrhea. That’s about as bad as it gets unless you somehow manage to take over 20,000mg all at once.

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